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“Teach players the fundamental skills, and they will learn the game.” – Jeremie

10 reasons h.s. recruits never play college ball

Playing college sports is a goal that many youth players have. However, college athletics goes far beyond athleticism alone. Academics and work ethic come before the skill. Especially today, universities and colleges are looking for character traits in their players that will sustain their investment in an individual through 4 years of work. Real Talk….

How to achieve great soccer technique in less than 10 minutes per day

 There is only so much you can work on by yourself so make sure you do these things a few times every week!  Players need to love the ball & work with it every day.  Even if it’s every other day for 5-10 minutes that will be good because the days add up fast. Just…

5 ways to stay fit while recovering from Osgood Schlatter

Pay attention! This is not a rare diagnosis among younger athletes. I have actually trained several athletes with Osgood Schlatter. You may think this is rare but Osgood Schlatter is actually pretty common among soccer players. Most diagnoses are given between the ages of 14-18 but the second highest age group is ages 6-13. The…

7 causes of heel spurs in soccer players {+prevention & treatment tips}

I remember only having heel spurs 1 time, around age 10 or so. My grandma had it the same time I did, so we got over it together doing our stretches at her house. 🙂   I still remember the divider in her living room, which we would use to lean against so we could…

How to get rid of shin splints fast {& learn how to prevent them too}

Preseason is probably one of the worst feelings as a soccer player. In fact, if you like preseason you are crazy in love with lots of running and sore muscles.   College preseason is probably the hardest a soccer player has to run in their soccer career and shin splints could introduce itself to you. Why…

Turf toe injury for soccer players { + the rehab you should stay away from}

Turf Toe is not what most people think of when they hear it because you think it has something to do with playing on turf or a jammed toe.  Instead this is an injury that is caused when the big toe hyper-extends, causing minor or severe injury to the joint capsule. When can a turf toe…

Secret tips about patellar tendinitis {aka ‘Jumpers Knee’}

I remember the first time I got patellar tendinitis. I was 23 years old, playing a lot of soccer, going back in forth from America’s MLS to Denmark & Singapore & then back to MLS and the {then called} A-League.  I remember after a game we traveled 2 hours in a minivan from Cincinnati to…

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I am a former professional soccer player who's produced collegiate & pro standouts, I have students ranked in the top 25 in the Nation in high school, committed to BIG 12 & PAC 10 schools as Freshmen & more. Since 2007, my focus has been the principles of long-term player development.



“Training is the balance between technical fundamentals and the mental, emotional, physical and social aspects.” – Jeremie

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