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You can learn more about the Complete Ball Control Method Bundle HERE.

Level Breakdown

Level 1 

  • Primarily for new players any age, but is also used for select, college and pros to warm up.
  • Highly recommended for players who have been playing soccer for 4 years or less.
  • These are so helpful to be super sharp at these lessons because they will make you better going forward with the more challenging drills.

Level 2 

  • Young players can do this but it’s not easy so practice is key.
  • This Level has some of the best overall skills {highly recommended}

Level 3 

  • Learning to control the ball out of the air is important
  • Highly recommended for players ages 9+ but can be challenging for most high school players.
  • The different ways are vital for wanting to be technically sound.
  • Some of the lessons will be easier than others.

Level 4 

  • Recommended for higher level players or players who want to really improve their skill with the ball.
  • These are what your coaches don’t know or have time to teach.
  • Even high level college players will be challenged by these.
  • Some players age 6 can perform them after even a few minutes of practice.

Level 5 

  • A step up from Level 4.
  • Level 4 is more of the introduction to prepare you for the next level of the skills that will make you fall more in love with soccer and working with the ball on your own.

Age Breakdown {Timeline}

Recommended you choose a day (EX: Friday’s) and work on your skills homework for 30 minutes.  After 3 Months you will complete 6 hours and be ready to learn the next steps.

  • Ages 4-6 {Level 1 for 3 Months or 6 Hours} Move to Level 2 once you complete Level 1
  • Ages 7-9 (Level 1 for 3 Months or 6 Hours} Move to Level 2 after 3 Months / 6 Hours, Move to Lesson 3 after 3 Months / 6 Hours.  If you’re ready you can move to Levels 4 & 5 but just know you are ahead so if it is difficult don’t get frustrated just keep practicing and be patient and keep practicing Levels 1, 2 & 3.
  • Ages 10-13 {Levels 1-3} First 3 Months / 6 Hours.  After you complete all of these smooth and perfect you can move on to the Levels 4 & 5.  Practice all of these forever, just like Usain Bolt (Gold Medalist Sprinter) practices his running!  Just because he is the fastest person in the world doesn’t mean he stops practicing his form.
  • Ages 14-17 {High School} If you have put in tons of skills training hours you are probably ready to start Level 4 but make sure you are honest with yourself.  If you have a little trouble trapping the ball out of the air more than 3 ways you need to start with the Level 3 {Aerial Control}. 
  • Ages 18+ {College – Pro} should think about starting with Level 2.  Just because its Level 2 doesn’t mean it’s easy or for beginners.  The skill drills in Level 2 are some of the best drills to increase foot work with the ball.

Experience  {No matter the age}

  • 1 Year or less Beginner{Level 1 for 3 Months or 6 Hours} after completed move to Level 2 and practice 3 Months or 6 Hours.
  • 1-2 Years  Competitive Experience {Start with Level 1 and build to the next levels as you can complete each Level 100% / No Mistakes.  After 3 Months you should be ready to move to Level 2.
  • 3-4 Years  Competitive Experience (Start with Level 2} Complete in 3 Months or 6 Hours and move to Level 3. Each level, plan to spend 3 Months  or 6 Hours before moving on to the next Level.
  • 5+ years  Competitive Experience {Depends on your level} but if you are playing in the highest level (Academy, ECNL, D1) in your area start with Level 4 and spend 3 Months or 6 Hours before moving to Level 5, unless you have time to spend 1 hour per week then do both together.
  • High School or College starters will still benefit fast and improve especially on the Levels 4 and 5.


How do I access the training? Once you’ve enrolled, you will receive a private & unique registration & your login information. THIS INFORMATION IS UNIQUE TO YOU & helps us see how far you’ve progressed in the training. Please do not share this link. Simply login at the upper right-hand corner & your course(s) will be displayed.

How do I view the training? Got wifi? Then you’re all set. The training can be viewed on any mobile or streaming device.

Can I download the training? No. You must have internet to access the training.

How long do I have access to the training? How does a lifetime sound? PLUS you get access to any future updates or additions to the course(s).

Why do you require the players to be enrolled in the bundle? This is a requirement only for training with Jeremie but is a strong recommendation for training with the GFT trainers. This training maximizes our time together so that the player can progress more quickly, the mechanics can be addressed when we’re together & the focus can move on to higher elements of the game, truly taking you to the Next Level.

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