Do you have what it takes to be 2%?

Did you know only the TOP 2% of athletes have the self-motivation to do solo training? So my question YOU?  

How fast do YOU want to improve?


There's thousands of drills you can practice. But only a few actually improve your game.

The top club & college coaches will tell you that you need the right kind of training to help you become the best soccer player on the pitch. 

In just a moment, you’re about to find out that the training methods I’ve used to help thousands of players who were once in your situation is right for you. 

But first, let’s talk about some soccer basics and how players can go from mediocre to great by doing the right training & practicing drills on a consistent basis. 

What's the secret to becoming a great player?

I'll tell you exactly what the secret is...

My name is Jeremie Piette. Former pro player, now pro trainer. But what makes me unique is that I've been training full-time as a soccer trainer since 2008. This is my family's sole income: no coaching, no side hustle, including retiring my doctor-wife to be with our kids.  

During that time I've helped hundreds of players get to the college level, a few to the pros & now those elite-level players come to me. (more on that below) ⬇️⬇️⬇️ 


The secret to what separates the 2% from the other 98% is DRIVE.  

I mastered playing the ball on the first touch & continued to better myself as a soccer player by mastering 2nd & 3rd touch

Doing this not only helped me control the ball better it increased my confidence on the pitch. I practiced my drills every day, on my own with no coach or teammate cheering me on.

No longer was I afraid to have the ball passed to me and I even knew what to do with it before it came to me. My coach started to notice the change in my game and soon after, so did a lot of other coaches. Elite club coaches, the opponent’s coach & college coaches. 

And then I did what few people do.  

I went pro.  

And played 7 seasons as a professional soccer player in 17 countries.  

I can attribute some of my success and ability to go pro by being a natural athlete. But what allowed me to keep playing pro was my ability to have complete control over the ball. 

pro soccer player defender Jeremie Piette

You have to know what to practice and when

I spent a lot of time working on my game to become a professional soccer player

And as a soccer player yourself, you realize the importance of working on your game. 

After all, the separation is in the preparation. If you want to separate yourself from the competition, you’ve got to better prepare yourself. 

How do you do that? By knowing what to practice and when. 

Grab a sneak peek at one of the lessons on the right.

25 high definiton video lessons to show you exactly how to do the drills.

The drills included in this course have been tested with real athletes and proven to increase the skill level and game-time confidence. 

In fact, over the past 10 years my team has trained over 10,000 athletes, produced hundreds of college players & a few pros using the same drills you'll discover in this course.

Be the best player by mastering control of the ball.

If you truly want to become the best player on your club, you need to master playing controlling the ball and being confident knowing you’re not going to turn the ball over to the opposing team. 

That's why I put together a series of five video courses designed to take you from the fundamentals all the way to advanced play and technical mastery.  

I bring my unique insight as a former collegiate & pro player and 10+ years of coaching/training to help you play a better, safer, & more efficient game of soccer

This unique online training program covers:

  • The 10,000 Touches Per Day Method (how I took my game to the pro level)
  • How to Improve Vision on the Field (true mastery is the ability to look up while you have the ball at your feet)
  • Receiving, Dribbling & Footwork (so you know what to do with the ball before it gets to you)
  • Juggling skills & foot skills (NOT those corny tricks to wow the crowd)
  • The exact parts of the foot to use when dribbling & trapping (something most HS kids don’t even know because their coaches don’t teach pinpoint spots)
  • Receiving (trapping) balls out of the air, and other skills that most coaches don’t cover (e.g. mechanics/form, 1st touch turns, bouncing balls)

When I was a young soccer player, I didn't have a system like this that I could follow.

No blueprint built that was designed to take me from the fundamentals to advanced ball control.

And definitely, no technology to take video training with me to the backyard or the park!

But in this course, you get access all of this.

Players fly to Dallas to train with me for 1 weekend only at the cost of this entire progam that you get LIFETIME ACCESS to & they spend TWICE AS MUCH.

I've coached and mentored some of the best players in the USA 

I don't say this to brag, I say this so you understand the type of experience I bring to the table. 

Some of my students have gone on to have successful collegiate careers and some have even gone pro. 

Players keep coming back

Many athletes that train with me and move on eventually come back to sharpen their skills. Even when they are on a college or pro team. 

As an athlete, you know the importance of keeping your game sharp. This is why players come back to me: they want to work with someone who has a proven track record of producing high-caliber players.

The ability to develop skillful, creative young players is missing from today's game

“In our current landscape, there is so much emphasis placed on winning that our young players are being robbed of the opportunity to be trained properly. Instead of working on technique and developing the basic skills sets needed to survive at the collegiate level and beyond, coaches are simply finding players that are athletic. The emphasis is on bigger, faster, and stronger instead of developing that skillful creative young player that our country is missing today.”

– Randy Waldrum, Fmr Head Coach, NWSL’s Houston Dash

Stop wondering if you have what it takes to become the best player on the pitch

Earlier I mentioned that you probably have a sense that there is a better version of yourself waiting to come out and that you just need a proven method to help you get there. 

As I mentioned, I’ve helped thousands of athletes become better versions of themselves with the training methods I’ve developed over the years. 

I’m fully confident that the drills in this course will help you do the same.


Plus, you'll get my headers course for free when you sign up today. Click below to get started now.

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There's No Risk With Our Money-Back Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

Try my method of soccer development. If you’re not completely satisfied within 30 days, I will insist on giving you 100% of your money back. 


First, if you've been around me a while, or have spent any time reading my blog, you know that I am all about relationships for the long-term. 

Relationships with my family, my clients & you are very important to me. This is a cornerstone element to my business because I believe in honesty & integrity & giving people great value. 

Second, this is not my first or only product. However, this product is my most evergreen - meaning it applies to every age & skill level. So if you're a parent teaching your kid or a pro honing your skills, you need these skills. 

However, to save you all the extra expense of time & travel, searching on the internet or getting bad, watered-down training, I've done the work & the testing for you! I want you to get VALUE. 

Using this training eliminates the 90% of skills & gives you what you need for improvement right away. So investing in my $497 product saves you thousands of dollars wasted on these common traps of skills training: distance, time, watered-down or lack of skills from a club, poor training & lack of knowledge. Using my training saves you all these things + money. 

I know this method of training works! I know that it works for every type of player – skilled, small, big, athletic, non-athletic. I have spent over 15 years as a pro & a trainer, working with over 10,000 students, developing & honing these techniques & my training methodology with proven tactics that you cannot find anywhere else. 

That’s right – you can’t find this training anywhere else. 

Here’s the deal: Try the videos and see for yourself. If it doesn’t work, I want you to e-mail me, prove you did the work, and I’ll refund you 100%. 

This guarantee is for a full 30 days. Use ALL 5 COURSES (over 50 drills). If you don’t love it, just e-mail me at ANY TIME during the first 30 days, show me you’re doing the drills and not getting results. I will refund 100% of your price & will even let you keep the bonuses. 

I ask that you show me you’ve done the ‘work’ because I know these methods work and I know they can change a player in one session when applied. 

I have zero desire to keep your money if you’re dissatisfied but I insist that you commit to doing the work. This is because I am committed to YOUR success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I know if this program is right for me?

There are courses that can help every player from when you start all the way through your playing career. This is a lifetime long course, meaning you have full access anytime you want. There is a breakdown on every exercise that Coach Jeremie and the new students go through. You will be challenged but will show quick improvement each day. If you wonder how much to do or what to start with, we have an easy calendar plan you can follow.

Where is the training?

The training is anywhere you have a wifi signal because it’s all digital – unless you are doing private live training with Jeremie or his staff. The program is based out of North Texas (Top 3 Highest Level of Youth Soccer in America) but Jeremie travels across the U.S. & World operating team camps.

How will I know if it works?

Just look at the success my students have had. It's not a coincidence that some of our best students keep coming back year after year (some for 7 years straight!).

Do those players have an advantage over me because they’ve trained with Jeremie in person?

NO! First, you have the advantage because this training is on demand & you can replay it as you need, apply it when you change positions on a team & more. Second, if YOU want feedback on your skills, you can join the 'Level Up' program for personal feedback from Jeremie & his staff online.

What if my kid is only 5 years old?

Start off with the Mechanics & Footwork Fundamentals course and stick with it for 6 months and when those moves become 2nd nature, purchase the Advanced Footwork & Change of Direction (aka Transformer), which is Jeremie’s favorite. Either way, these are the courses our college players do for warm ups.

I am a USSF “A” licensed coach. Will this program help me?

Yes, these are recommended for you! We have staff & friends who are licensed USSF A coaches and they admit that teaching skill to different types of players is so different than coaching a team. If you want to improve your overall coaching ability and want to know what the best drills that work then these courses are for you! Coaches don’t have time to develop players’ technical skills like they want due to the so many other elements of the game, mostly tactics and basic skills like volleys and quick touch drills.

Our current & former students are of all ages & skill levels, including some that were all-American collegiate standouts BEFORE our program.

Who is this program NOT for?

People who do not want to improve fast.

*Note: these stories are illustrative only and there is no guarantee of results.

What's Included In The Course?

  • Lifetime Access to over 50+ Methods to Improve Your Control with the soccer ball 
  • Hottest Online Soccer Course Available Today 
  • Former Pro Player (Jeremie Piette) has helped hundreds reach the College Level; 2 of which went Pro (Male & Female) 
  • Students fly into Dallas from other cities and states for 1-2 days to train 3-5 hours with professional soccer trainer Jeremie Piette. 
  • Secret Recipe will rapidly build skills no matter what playing level 
  • Teaches Mechanics/Form 
  • Become the Smoothest Player and Continue to use for Homework to stay sharp 
  • 95% of the drills out there will not help you improve skill and coordination with the ball - they just give you extra touches to keep your training fresh 
  • A Proven Method is Different from Skills & Tricks you get for free 
  • Parents with 2+ Kids only need to buy 1 time 
  • Finish at your own pace, you can follow the 3 Month Challenge or Finish Everything Early 
  • Youtubers will give you the same old stuff and 95% of it doesn't work because they never played pro or have taught soccer players professionally 
  • Learn exactly which part of the foot to use and which part of the ball to connect 
  • Learn what the coaches don’t teach (e.g. Mechanics, how much to bend your knees, angle your foot, lean back or forward, where to look, what mistakes most people first make,etc.)

What Others Have to Say

USWNT pro soccer skills technical training
online soccer skills training the pros use

"I've been doing technical training for a very long time but I haven't done these unique skills. [This training] really has improved my game in a short amount of time."

Taylor Smith, USWNT Member, National Soccer Champion (NY Western Flash) & Former UCLA Standout

Colin actually did a roll step-over into a scissor and had a great shot that the keeper saved. He played against boys 2 years older and he did REALLY well. In his Sunday game, his team won 9-1. He scored 3 goals and had 3 assists. He used his moves all over the field. Roll step-overs, chops. He is clearly gaining confidence and starting to use his moves in his games. His team is playing in the Adidas AF challenge this week... [and] he plays the #1 team in the entire area on Thursday night. — J.K.

Mariella went two years without scoring a goal. In the first month of training with [Jeremie] once a week, she’s already scored TWO goals! PS: She is a Center-Mid. — C.S.

Thanks for all the work with Ava. Her confidence has grown and she is looking very strong at defensive mid. — B&N