Do you have what it takes to be a 2% athlete?

Did you know only the TOP 2% of athletes have the self-motivation to do solo training?

Hi, I'm Jeremie Piette.

I played professional soccer. I played college soccer. But what makes me unique is that I've been training full-time as a soccer trainer since 2008. This is my family's sole income: no coaching, no side hustle, including retiring my doctor-wife to be with our kids.

During that time I've helped hundreds of players get to the college level, a few to the pros & now those elite-level players come to me.

I'm often asked: What separates those 2% from the other 98%? Drive. So, my question to you is, do you have what it takes to be a 2% athlete?

High School

Approximately 2% of elite high school athletes play collegiate sports


Of college athletes, slightly less than 2% of athletes get a 'full ride' in college


Just less than 2% of collegiate athletes are able to play professionally

“I've been doing technical training for a very long time but I haven't done these unique skills. [This training] really has improved my game in a short amount of time!"

Taylor Smith, USWNT

“Here in Michigan we have good youth soccer, but after my daughter started the GFT Online Skills Training we have seen fast growth in her ball control & confidence. I recommend it to anyone nationwide who wants to Improve. The courses are better than getting local private 1on1 lessons because the quality of teaching & video is amazing!”

Andy Humphrey, Michigan

Don’t wait, become a 2% player today.