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Highlight Video Production

Player Highlight Video SAMPLE

GFT partners with the professional video production company High Shots Video for all of our recording, editing, digital and animated, and production work. Their professionalism, work quality, and timeliness make their services unbeatable.

* Game Assessments: We come to a game of your choosing** to assess your child’s specific skill, technical, or stylistic needs so that we can help best work with their preparation needs in our Weekly SKILLS Sessions.
Player Assessment
* Game Assessment +Video: We film your game and give you a written assessment. One of the best way’s a player can learn their strengths and weaknesses on and off the ball is by watching it themselves.
Game Assessment + Video
* Highlight Video Packages: We offer many different Highlight Packages but our most popular is the two games of your choice, You Tube highlight, written assessment & 2 DVD copies and copyright use extended to you.
Competitive / Collegiate Highlight Package
Player-Provided Video: Players may provide their own video recordings for us to edit and post. However, GFT may refuse to use the video if it is of poor quality or we feel the video collectively showcases the athlete in a way befitting the GFT methodology of practice and belief. Pricing includes reviewing, editing, cutting, and creation. Prices begin at $300 deposit and then hourly thereafter. An estimate is provided at the beginning of the review.
Player-Provided Video: Down Payment
* Team Highlight Videos: Great for team assessments, end of season parties, gifts, fundraising, online promoting and keepsake. We will help you capture these once in a life time sports moments.
Team Highlight Video Package
Video Participants
The video productions we offer are great for use in player assessment, knowledge of the game, or simply as a gift for your special athlete! Contact us today for professional video assistance!
GFT is also proud to sponsor new and testing-phase APPs that fit our mission and vision for Youth Soccer.
Coach Sports Soccer APP – Developed by GFT Trainer Itamar Keinan Coach Sports is better than a coach’s electronic clipboard. The Coach Sports app for iPad is designed for use on the sidelines, with an easy to use interface and everything a coach needs to show his or her team how to win. The app stores team rosters, with detailed player information including individual player’s game statistics. Coaches can design formations, drills, plays, and even recreate what happened in a live game with the app. The app can take snapshots of the screen and even record video of what the user creates. The app can play recordings back, so a team or individual player can have a better understanding of what they need to do to improve their own performance on the field. Players and parents will enjoy the app too and can keep their own stats and capture their own observations.


** Pending schedule availability.

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