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Recreational Soccer

Having fun while playing sports boosts confidence on and off the field.

Many of today’s youth are multi-sport athletes, participating and excelling in several sports at once. Our rec soccer training programs are for the younger player beginning their soccer experience to the competitive high school athlete who wishes to accelerate their game technique or fitness level. Our rec soccer program is used by local private schools and not-for-profit organizations because of our commitment to demonstrating leadership and positive life attitudes while improving skills and confidence.

What it is: Global Fútbol Training has partnered with local Rec Associations & YMCAs to provide cost-friendly skills sessions for larger groups of players. The professionalism of our training staff allows families to enjoy the benefits of their Rec or YMCA membership at the low cost they expect but still provide additional skills-training opportunities for the new, serious, or competitive player of all ages! Skills sessions are offered once/week for a total of 8 weeks (1 season).

When its offered: Skills are offered through the Rec and YMCA year-round.

Current locations:

NRH BAYFA – @ Green Valley Community Park


Rec play is for all ages and skill levels who want to improve their soccer game while having fun. Rec play is also for the developing and competitive athlete. Recreational soccer is healthy for the mind, body, emotions, and self-esteem. Involvement in structured but fun sports competition also promotes sportsmanship and social involvement and awareness.

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